Adjustment of cleaning agent concentration for electronic components

When cleaning electronic components, a cleaning agent with certain properties is needed. In order to obtain the best results, the agent must be present in a certain concentration. LEWA metering systems ensure the correct concentration of such cleaning liquids. Electronic components such as circuit boards are then immersed in the liquid to dissolve flux and other contaminants.


LEWA metering systems offer the following advantages when adjusting the concentration of cleaning fluids: 

  • High level of monitoring: Application-specific critical parameters are continuously monitored using appropriate instruments and sensors.
  • LEWA smart control systems offer advantages compared to conventional control circuits: 
    • Faster attainment of the desired concentration
    • No long setting times
  • At shutdowns, it is not necessary to empty the system
  • Flexibility at changeovers: When using another medium, usually no changes to the system are necessary
  • Wide control ranges are covered 
  • Stainless Steel 316/316L (1.440111.4404) is used as the standard material. II required, other high-quality materials such as Hastelloy or duplex steel are available


Electronic components often have the smallest components and filigree integrated circuits whose purity is very important. To ensure proper function, resin, flux, or other process residues must be completely removed. The circuited boards are immersed in a tank containing the detergent in a certain concentration. For optimal purification, the right concentration of the active ingredient is crucial. Thanks to constant comparison of actual and target values, LEWA metering systems ensure an exact and steady concentration of the cleaning agent.

A corresponding sensor in the immersion bath determines the current concentration - such as the conductivity or the pH value. The measured values are reported to the LEWA smart control. lf necessary, the controller initiates an adjustment of the concentration by adding more active agent into the immersion tank. 


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